Walking Rugby at Newton Abbot Rugby Club

22nd September 2022

We are delighted to announce that Walking Rugby is on the move at Newton Abbot Rugby Club!

If you are interested then why not come down to the club Marquee on Thursday 29th September at 5pm to register.

Free pint on me!

Best wishes

Charles, Chairman of Directors NARFC

For those that are interested here are the rules of the game:

  • The game is split into four 5 minute (or longer by agreement) quarters, 2 minute breaks for rehydration
  • Up to 7 players a side, with subs
  • Players must not run or jog while the game is in action
  • Ball must be passed backwards or transverse (not forward)
  • A try is scored by carrying the ball over the try line (indoors by touching the ball to the wall)
  • Knock-on if the ball is knocked forward and hits another player or the ground, deliberate knock on is a penalty
  • Tackle = two-handed touch to the ball carrier (shoulders down to shorts), call β€œtackle”
  • Touch or turnover sets the off-side line at that spot and defenders must retreat behind it
  • Tackled player must pass the ball, from the spot they were touched, without delay
  • Ball in touch the other side re-start with a pass from the point where the ball crossed the line
  • Penalty, or other re-start must be at least 3m from the try line and sets the off-side line 3m back
  • Turnover, penalty or other in-field re-start: the player re-starting must tap the ball with foot or knee and may then walk or pass, on-side defenders may advance
  • Advantage may be played following any infringement

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