Members Lottery

Could you be a WINNER?

Fancy taking part in the Members Lottery? For as little as £5 per month, you’ll support The Club to help improve its facilities.

  • 50% – Facility improvements
  • 40% – Allocated to the monthly Facilities Lottery Draw. (up to £500)
  • 10% – Allocated to the annual Facilities Lottery Grand Draw (up to £1500)

Fancy some extra beer money? Join here…good luck!

The Senators Club at NARFC has been a stalwart for decades. The Club was started to raise funds and give something back to the participants, from pots and pans to Teasmades (look it up on the internet!).

We want to relaunch, revitalise, and give everyone a real reason to participate. The premise is simple: every month, you pay into the fund, 50% of the contributions go into the prize fund, and the other 50% is allocated towards improving the facilities at our club’s very much loved home. The more members, the bigger the prize fund and the faster we improve our community’s and members’ infrastructure. For that reason and clarity, it will be renamed the Members Lottery.

How are the winners selected?

A number will be assigned against your name in our records, and we will make the name and assigned number visible at the club. A digital random number generator or Tumbler will select a number each month to determine the winner. This will be posted on social media, the result will also be posted on the website, and you will be emailed directly if you should be the lucky winner. Monies will be transferred directly to the bank account that you pay from.

How is the money split, and what is it spent on?

50% is allocated towards pitch maintenance and grounds care; 40% is allocated to the prize draw each month; 10% is allocated to the Annual Grand Draw.

The Annual Grand Draw is drawn at a senior home match during the season. This will not be online but at halftime of the match. There are three winners of the prize fund. They are split 50%, 30% and 20%. This draw will be in addition to the monthly prize fund.

Existing Members

We want the existing member to review their Standing Order dates from quarterly to monthly where possible, as this will enable clearer accounting and cash flow.

Example of prize funds

For every 100 members – 100 x £5 = £500 income per month; Prize fund £ 200 per month (up to £500)

£50 carried forward each month to the Senators Grand Draw. Potential prize = £800 (shared 50%, 30%, 20%) (From a maximum of £1500)

Terms & Conditions

  • Standing Orders should be set up for the first of each calendar month, where possible.
  • You will be excluded from that month’s draw if your Standing Order is not received.
  • Anyone wishing to leave the Facilities Lottery should email before cancelling their Standing Order to ensure our records are maintained.
  • NARFC club members fee to be a member is £5 per  number per calendar month
  • The Facilities Lottery is held in a separate bank account governed by the club’s Finacial Director. The purpose of these funds is for facility improvements. As such, is it not accessible by the club for daily running costs and reserved for projects to improve the clubs’ infrastructure? 
  • The odds of winning are directly linked to the number of members; each month, there will be one guaranteed winner. (exception being the Grand Draw, where there will be three winners)
  • The winners’ names will be publicised on Facebook and the Club website within 48 hours of the draw.
  • The Winner will be emailed/called directly within 48 hours of the draw.
  • Monies won in the draw(s) will be transferred directly to the funding bank account within five working days.
  • All bank details, direct debits and payments will be retained by our appointed accountants
  • NARFC complies with its obligations under the GDPR by keeping personal data up to date:
  1. By storing and destroying it securely;
  2. By not collecting or retaining excessive amounts of data;
  3. Protecting personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure and ensuring that appropriate technical measures are in place to protect personal data.
  4. Your personal data will be used for the purposes of administering and operating the Senators Club and any successful award of prizes according to this.


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If you would like to join the Facilities Lottery, please complete the form below and a member of our team will get in touch with more details.