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Walking Rugby was introduced at Newton towards the end of 2023 for the first time. Since starting up at NARFC, the squad has grown to have 30 plus active squad members and is still growing week on week.

Walking Rugby, for those who are unfamiliar, is one of England Rugby’s non-contact variants of the game. No tackling takes place; instead, a touch on the armpit or below is used. The game is played on a smaller pitch, with players required to always walk. Men and women of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Injured players, ex-players, and complete newbies can all play. This version of the game is a leveller; players do not need to be match-fit, but they must be mobile. A team consists of between 5-7 players on the pitch at any one time, with rolling substitutes and players who must walk!

There are even some competitive opportunities as well, on a number of Saturdays we have played other local teams. We also understand the competitive approach is not for everyone, so Friday nights are all about laughter and fun, leaving the Saturdays to the more serious players.

Ultimately, the real purpose is to get individuals to come and enjoy being with other like-minded individuals in the fresh air, enjoying the game, and hopefully improving people’s mental wellbeing.

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