One Club

The Power of One Club

In 2020, Newton Abbot Rugby Club made the decision to bring the Junior and Senior bodies of the club together to create a #OneClub Ethos.

Rugby is an all-inclusive sport and can be represented at so many levels. As a result, our club thought it only right that we should practice what we preach.

Bringing the seniors and juniors together under one roof both financially and commercially allowed for our club to move forward as one.

There is now a concentrated emphasis on producing our own talent. In the club’s 5 Year plan, there will be a breakdown of how this will be achieved, from forging a stronger bond between Newton Abbot Rugby Club and the Exeter Chiefs Ladies, who are currently coaching the Newton Abbot Ladies, and getting them involved with our younger girls’ teams, to hosting rugby-specific skill sessions for our junior section and closing the gap between our junior boys at Colt level and the All Whites by encouraging them through mentorship with our senior male players.

It is a very exciting time at the club as a business but most importantly for the rugby!

With everyone on board and the club moving forward, as one we will be unstoppable!