U8’s v Exeter Athletic

November 7, 2021

After a week or so without any rugby due to the weather, we welcomed Exeter Athletic to the club.

We have great numbers and supportive parents who bring their kids to matches whether home or away in this age group so a special thanks from the coaching team to them.  It makes improvement in the players much easier to achieve when all the kids are able to make training and the matches every week but more than that, it proves to us that the kids all enjoying playing the game and want to be with us rain or shine.

We had 21 and Exeter had 8 so we split into two matches of 7 a side with them having 1 sub.  We had an inter club game on one pitch and us V them on another, with all 3 of our teams playing a match against Exeter, games of 5 minute halves

As all the coaches who have coached this age group know, its about getting to grips with the very basic aspects, tagging, passing the ball backwards whilst running forwards, looking for space and remembering to stay onside (this one needs work 😊).

We had great support today in the sunshine from both clubs, plenty of clapping and positive encouragement.


Shhh! We don't keep score but.....

We don’t keep score (though some of the kids know exactly what the score is and hold a quiet celebration….) but both teams scored some brilliant tries, some with individual brilliance and some after 7 or 8 passes and a little dot down, both important in their own ways.  We are starting to see some lovely hand offs and if a tag is missed, the odd tackle……which we stamp on straight away but it seems at this age, some just want to get on with it!   Only a year or so left kids!!

The games come to an end, 3 cheers and a club photo with both sets of teams and off to the club for some grub and catch the end of the 16’s match.

We are seeing some of the kids growing in confidence within the setting at rugby and the parents are seeing the same and all seem to be having fun.  As far as I am concerned, if they leave having had some fun with their new mates, job done.

Onto an away game at Teignmouth next week!!