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Land Promotion Group

Land Promotion Group are the fixed-percentage promotion company working with landowners to deliver maximum value for their land.

Certain parcels of land with planning permission for development, carry a value many times that of land without planning permission.

Achieving planning permission that maximises financial potential requires an understanding of the market economics of property development, as well as technical, legal, environmental and architectural knowledge, not to mention deep pockets, plenty of time and lots of perseverance…

If you have land you are considering promoting in the South or South West region, Land Promotion Group can:

  • assess the suitability of your land for development
  • prepare a planning application at our cost
  • improve your chances of a successful application
  • help you achieve a sale, at higher value, more quickly

We ask for no up-front payment, and there are no hidden charges either. We merely take a percentage of your land’s final sale value, but only once its’ sale takes place.

Land Promotion Group

01364 646199

8 Kingswood Court, Long Mdw, South Brent TQ10 9YS