November 7, 2021

Sarah Hurt
We attended your firework display last night and I will start off with it was a great display at the end. But me and the very impatient children spent the whole time queuing for toys while my husband queued for drinks. We got there early in the hope we’d have time to go on the bouncy castle but by the time we got to the bottom of that queue the generator had stopped working. We didn’t get chance to have any food so had to stop off at the chippie on the way home. We spent about £80 pounds altogether which is A LOT of money for us. The children had an awful experience. Not only that. We booked tickets when they first came out which nowhere could we see that ‘under 3’s are free’ but realized later that they were so we payed for our 2 year unnecessarily. I think it was just pure greed that you sold that many tickets knowing you could cater for them! I really hope next year will be much more equipped and organized.
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November 7, 2021
10:24 am
Newton Abbot
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