Community Coming Together

November 7, 2021

When allowed during the Covid period, the club and its members were active in making improvements to its grounds and facilities. Hopefully, you will have noticed the improved access at the bottom of Homers Pitch.

Previously there was a small wooden footbridge, narrow, slippery and falling apart. Thankfully, reaching out to local businesses and loyal members we were able to repair the bridge for very little cost.

Thank you to Ryan Partridge for use of the mini digger. A mini digger is obsolete without an operator so thank you to Nathan Miller and Colin Bushin who put in their own time to level the ground.

A massive thank you to Jewson Civils for the Drainpipe and to Sibelco for the hardcore. Finally thank you to Western Towing for the logistics of moving the digger, hardcore, collecting the Drainpipe and also for providing the diesel fuel for the mini digger.

Better access allows for easier vehicle access including ambulance, tractor, campers and events parking, It’s also much safe accessing by foot and is more visible for the travelling team to see the entrance to the pitch through the trees.


Being Part of NARFC

Being part of the Newton Abbot Rugby Community doesn’t always mean having to commit to spending every month, it could also mean lending us a digger or simply offering up some advice.

If you’d love to be involved but don’t know who you can help why not drop Jess Veacock, a line or get in touch with Mike Saxton,